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Shipping & Delivery

Yalla Toys Delivery team:

At Yalla Toys, we're committed to making our delivery process as quick and pleasant as possible, because we know how important it is that your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.

In order to provide the utmost satisfaction, majority of deliveries are carried by our own fleet and Yalla Toys personnel. 

For any reason, if we are not able to service with our team to meet on time delivery, we move with Qatar’s Government Postal service Q-Post

Via Q-Post

Qatar General Postal Corporation (Q-Post) offers Yallatoys customers a distinguished service by delivering customers’ purchased items through Yallatoys to their doorstep anywhere in Qatar. Yallatoys customers can enjoy this service as soon as they purchase through Yallatoys.com.

The purpose of Q-Post delivery service:

You can use this service in delivering the items you purchase from Yallatoys to your own address or to any other address in Qatar. This service will enable you browse and buy the various products of Yallatoys. In addition, you can also benefit from our special offers on products, and the special price offered on the delivery of the purchased items to any place you like in Qatar.

How to avail the service:

To avail this service, you need only to register in "Yallatoys". Once you complete your registration you will receive the login username and password.

How to use the delivery service:

After you select the product that you wish to purchase, type the address in Qatar and choose Q-Post service. For example, when you select any product from Yallatoys, you will need to choose the Delivery Service for the purchased items to be sent to the address in Qatar. So you should type your address and ID number or the address and ID number of the person who is authorized to receive the goods, noting that the delivery charges for the purchased items include the delivery charges of the purchased items/ products to the address entered in the purchase order.

Terms & Conditions - Yallatoys and the delivery service provider (Q-Post):

  • (i) By using this service, the customer hereby acknowledges and agrees to all its terms & conditions. The customer shall use this service in accordance with the rules, terms and conditions approved by Yallatoys.
  • (ii) The customer may not reject any of the terms and conditions of this service.
  • (iii) The customer by using this service authorizes Yallatoys and the Service Provider (Q-Post) to deliver his purchased items to the address specified by the customer.
  • (iv) Yallatoys shall send a copy of the purchase invoice to the customer’s e-mail including the price of the product, delivery charges, the total amount, shipment barcode and a link to Q-Post website through which the customer can track the delivery of the purchased items.
  • (v) Q-Post shall deliver all purchased items, whose delivery charges are paid; only on working days.
  • (vi) Q-Post shall be responsible for all customers’ purchased items starting from the receipt of the items from the merchant till the delivery of the same to the recipient. In case the purchased items are lost, Q-Post shall compensate the customer as per the Universal Postal Convention.
  • (vii) The customer shall bear any damages, penalties, or violations resulting from improper use of this service. The key violations include not typing his personal address and telephone number in the relevant fields clearly (or the address, phone and ID of the person who is authorized to receive the items on his behalf), or in case the customer or his representative did not show up which might result in return the items to Yallatoys.
  • (viii) Yallatoys shall have the right to stop or cancel the delivery service at any time without any justifications. The Yallatoys shall also have the right to stop provision of any service to any customer who proved to use the service in violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • (ix) Yallatoys, at its own discretion, shall have the right to amend the service charges and the mode of payment.
  • (x) Yallatoys shall not bear any delay resulting from the failure to deliver the purchased items to the customer due to the customer's failure to register the required information or to follow the proper instructions to obtain the service. The customer should immediately contact Yallatoys for help.
  • (xi) Yallatoys is not responsible for improper packaging of the items from the source, and shall not bear any responsibility for any additional packaging.
  • (xii) The customer or his representative shall sign the receipt confirming the delivery of the items from Yallatoys to the authorized person according to the schedule mentioned and stated in the above clauses.

How to track the shipment through the Q-Post link:

When you receive the electronic purchase invoice via your email registered in "Yallatoys", you can track your delivery through the "Q- Post" link in the purchase invoice of "Yallatoys". On clicking this link the customer will directly be shifted to the Q-Post website where the customer shall enter the barcode number received by e-mail within the purchase invoice.