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Yalla Toys in association with EAA

About EAA

Based in Doha, Qatar, Education Above All (EAA) is a foundation founded in 2012 by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser.

Its aim is to build a global movement that contributes to human, social and economic development through the provision of

quality education. With a vision to bring new life chances and real hope and opportunities to poor and marginalized children,

youth and women in the developing world, today the foundation has commitments to enroll 6 million out-of- schoolchildren.


The projects span across primary education, access and enrolment, higher education and wider concerns such as the health,

wellbeing and basic rights. With a particular focus on areas affected by poverty, conflict and disaster, it champions the needs

of children and women and empower them to be active members of their communities. By meeting the demand for education,

it equips them to support sustainable development and to nurture environments of peace, security, justice and prosperity.


Yallatoys is honoured to be a part of such a global movement and we gladly offer our support to the cause of Education Above All.

Shopping with us will enable all our loyal customers to also be part of such this great venture and empower you to change lives,

families, communities and economies wherever it matters. A portion of all the purchases made at www.yallatoys.com will go to

the funding of various projects undertaken by the EAA.


To Donate in addition to above, please choose option “Donate to EAA” at checkout to pass this specified amount to EAA

organisation. So, join us today and lets all lend a helping hand together, to change the world for a better tomorrow.


For more details about EAA, please visit https://educationaboveall.org/

Education Above all

Al Fakhoora: Dynamic Futures Programme – Delivering Quality Higher

Education to the Most Vulnerable and Marginalised Young People - Gaza - Palestine

Al Fakhoora launched Dynamic Futures Gaza, awarding comprehensive scholarship packages for marginalized youth,

enabling them to pursue undergraduate studies while also equipping them to be articulate, impassioned self-advocates.

The programme currently aims to support 6,345 students from underserved backgrounds, providing the essential

building blocks for success through student affairs, leadership development and economic empowerment.

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures project  first phase aims to provide 1000 scholarships by 2021, and is implemented by UNDP.

-Estimates that it has reached more than 1,150,000 individuals across the MENA region.

-Awarded, to date, 5,471 comprehensive post-secondary, undergraduate and graduate scholarship packages to marginalised youth.

-Is committed to providing comprehensive Bachelors, Masters and Vocational level scholarship packages to 7,385 students.

-Established 5 children protection networks in Gaza training 448 professionals in child protection services, serving over 9,358 children and caregivers.

-Provided 200 youth in Gaza with access to virtual work, resulting in more than 840 jobs and $100,000 in income